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I did it!

11 Mar

I got a new job! I start an internship at a local amusement park next Monday. The job runs from March until November and I will be working with some awesome ladies in the marketing department. I am so excited!!!! I will be able to go down to only waiting tables one or two nights a week and I will be work a nine to five job just like all the other normal people I know AND it’s in my field!!!! Now I know working nine to five is what most people loathe but after a year of waiting tables it will put some much needed structure in my life.
I also managed to find a cute little apartment in the arts district here for an affordable price and I can move in in April! YAY!!!! This is a lot of change all at once and has been causing some stress. I know I have probably been acting sort of cold from my boyfriend’s POV but change stresses me out and when I get stressed I go inside my head and it’s hard to get out, but I’m working on it.