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A Love Letter For You

29 Jul

I can’t remember where I found this little project but I wish there were one in my city! A Love Letter For You is a project by Stephen Powers and the Philadelphia Mural Arts Program. Different locations in the city feature these wonderful murals that look like giant love letters. I love the different styles the murals take. It would certainly make my day to see one of these on the way to work!


The Candy Thief

29 Jul

I love all the little tools the internet has to help you discover new things. Stumble Upon is a huge weakness for me and so is Etsy. I love to browse through the D.I.Y. crafters the curators at Etsy post on the front page as featured sellers. That’s how I found this lovely lady and her beautiful headbands. Her shop is called The Candy Thief and her felt headbands remind me of the headbands and hats from the 1920s.