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Young and Amazingly Talented.

30 Aug

I love seeing the work of other designers. It’s so much fun for me to browse through online portfolios and websites, but my true passion is seeing the work of designers who are at the same stage I am. I love seeing student work or the work of recent graduates. While seeing what seasoned designers can do is amazing; these are my contemporaries. I feel like they are a more realistic basis for comparison.
The Dieline┬áhas a feature called “Student Spotlight.” I like to browse through those features and check out the students’ online portfolios. That’s how I found Lainey Lee. She is an amazing design graduate from Penn State and if you click on her name under “contacts” you can find a list of her fellow graduates. They are all wonderful designers and I thoroughly enjoyed perusing their portfolios. I was much inspired and motivated to do my own work!


Love comes in many packages…

11 Aug

There are many things I love about graphic design but I have tried to narrow it down to a top three things that I just totally geek about. Those things are Information Graphics (Info Graphics), Typography and last but not least Package Design.

I LOVE going to Target just to look at all the pretty products on their shelves. It’s consummerism at it’s best (or worse). The right packaging can convince me to buy one brand over another almost anyday. This may sound superficial but I just love the art put into creating the products we purchase everyday.

Imagine my surprise and happiness when I found a website solely devoted to package design! The Dieline puts together some of the best package design from around the world. They even feature student work. I love seeing the work of other students. It always gives me a fresh perspective. Maybe someday I’ll be featured there!