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Blinded by Science

23 Sep

I have always loved science. It was never what I wanted to make my career out of but I have always loved learning about the world we live in and all the things it can do. I went to Space Camp when I was a kid, I LOVED Bill Nye and I fall asleep watching “Planet Earth.” Seriously, if they made a sleep machine of David Attenborough’s voice I would be on that immediately. 

Recently a friend gave me a copy of this article from WIRED magazine. These designs are all from mid-century science books and I love knowing that these were not done on a computer but by hand. It never stops amazing me to see beautiful design work that was done before anyone ever thought to put a computer in a family home. Enjoy! Maybe you will learn something as well!



Always With Honor

16 Sep

I believe I first heard about Always With Honor from the wonderful Bobby over at Kitsune Noir. Elsa Chaves, Tyler Lang and their dog, Zoe, make up this amazing design collective. One glance at their website and I was hooked. I absolutely adore the simplicity of their designs. From icons to infographics, their pieces are nothing short of extraordinary.

Perhaps this is a style judgement and I only like them because it is a style I favor but I don’t think that is the case. There is something truly timeless and beautiful about their work. You can visit the website or follow them on Twitter. Either way, be sure to make them part of your day.