Snow Day!

2 Feb

The last two days I have been stuck working from home. Such a pain in the butt trying to connect to all the work servers from home. So slow! The snow is pretty and all but I am ready to be able to drive again without worrying my car will get stuck. I think tonight I will spend looking up pretty things on the internets and maybe getting a little bit of a portfolio going here. I am going to be overhauling this blog very very soon. It will soon be a more cohesive design blog as well as a portfolio for my own work.

If you need any help organizing all the amazing things you find online you should check out Pinterest. Here is the link to  There isn’t much there yet but there will be soon! Ask to be invited to join and it will help you put all those pretty pictures in their place!mine.


Personal Identity

1 Oct

I have been struggling with creating a self-identity for my design work for a while now. I kept putting it off because I didn’t think I needed it yet. I’m still a student and I’m not yet looking for a design job; but then I started getting some freelance work from my mom’s company and then that led to a few more things. Now I sort of do a little work here and there and I need something for people to remember me by. The problem now is Designer’s Block.

I can develop identities for other people until the cows come home but when it comes to defining myself I have trouble. I suppose it comes from not feeling like I have a strong self-identity in life and that just carries over to design. I am getting closer though. I created The Design Lush to try to bring everything together. Now I just need a visual identity to go with it. Has anyone else had trouble defining their style or creating a self-identity?

Blinded by Science

23 Sep

I have always loved science. It was never what I wanted to make my career out of but I have always loved learning about the world we live in and all the things it can do. I went to Space Camp when I was a kid, I LOVED Bill Nye and I fall asleep watching “Planet Earth.” Seriously, if they made a sleep machine of David Attenborough’s voice I would be on that immediately. 

Recently a friend gave me a copy of this article from WIRED magazine. These designs are all from mid-century science books and I love knowing that these were not done on a computer but by hand. It never stops amazing me to see beautiful design work that was done before anyone ever thought to put a computer in a family home. Enjoy! Maybe you will learn something as well!


Always With Honor

16 Sep

I believe I first heard about Always With Honor from the wonderful Bobby over at Kitsune Noir. Elsa Chaves, Tyler Lang and their dog, Zoe, make up this amazing design collective. One glance at their website and I was hooked. I absolutely adore the simplicity of their designs. From icons to infographics, their pieces are nothing short of extraordinary.

Perhaps this is a style judgement and I only like them because it is a style I favor but I don’t think that is the case. There is something truly timeless and beautiful about their work. You can visit the website or follow them on Twitter. Either way, be sure to make them part of your day.

Young and Amazingly Talented.

30 Aug

I love seeing the work of other designers. It’s so much fun for me to browse through online portfolios and websites, but my true passion is seeing the work of designers who are at the same stage I am. I love seeing student work or the work of recent graduates. While seeing what seasoned designers can do is amazing; these are my contemporaries. I feel like they are a more realistic basis for comparison.
The Dieline has a feature called “Student Spotlight.” I like to browse through those features and check out the students’ online portfolios. That’s how I found Lainey Lee. She is an amazing design graduate from Penn State and if you click on her name under “contacts” you can find a list of her fellow graduates. They are all wonderful designers and I thoroughly enjoyed perusing their portfolios. I was much inspired and motivated to do my own work!